Since I am Italian, it is quite impossible for me to know all the words written on any English dictionary – and I am sure that it’s the same for lots of Britons.-
That’s the reason why sometimes I do not know if I should laugh or not while I am reading any kind of text written in English or just watching a TV series.
The problem for all the people who study a foreign language is the lack of knowledge of the vocabulary of that language.
But what happens when you hear a word that also your dictionary does not know?
At first, you check it another time – maybe because you wrote it wrong before – and when you see that it was not your fault, that you are still able to write, there is only one possible reason, this word does not exist!
But you are sure you heard it, someone said it or wrote it…you are not mad.
It happened to me once.

I was scrolling my Twitter account and I read that a girl described herself as a “Cumberbitch”.
How strange it was!
I perfectly knew what “b…h” means, its meaning is so different from that of “beach”!
But I still couldn’t understand why that girl was so proud to be a “b”, but what kind of “b” she was?
Why “Cumber”?
I do apologise with all the Cumberbitches who are reading it.
There was still only one way to discover what it meant, ask Google.
Then I understood, better late than never!
Contrary to what I thought, “Cumberbitch” is not an insult at all.
The gives you the meaning:
-Any woman who has a deep fascination with the wonderful, beautiful, talented English stage and on-screen actor Benedict Cumberbatch.
-A reference given to people who admire the beautiful features of Benedict Cumberbatch. Ex-his green eyes, beautiful cheekbones, sexy tousled hair.
(I think that these words have been written by a Cumberbitch!)
I knew Benedict Cumberbatch but I did not know that there was a name like this for his huge fans.
But while all his devoted fans are deeply in love with him, Benedict says about himself that he looks like an otter.
Better known for his role in BBC TV series “Sherlock Holmes”, he is a very talented British actor, but why do lots of women love him?
We can make a list of just four answers to this question.
1- His voice
Cumberbitches say that his voice is “pure bliss”, and well, I agree.
You can find lots of videos on You Tube in which you can hear him reading poems, such as “Ode to a Nightingale” by Keats, and you can see also the making-off of “The Hobbit” while he is acting as Smaug, the dragon.
But there are also many interviews that allows you to hear him.
2 – His modesty
Despite the big number of Cumberbitches all around the world, and the nomination as one of the sexiest man ever, he is not a man who is full of himself.
Humility is one of the best traits that we can find in a person.
3 – His great sense of humour
Have you ever seen the photobombs of the Academy Awards with him?
Find them, you’ll understand.
4 – His way of acting
I have talked about his eyes, his voice, his sense of humour…but what about his job? I mean, he is an actor!
He played a variety of characters, from Sherlock Holmes to Alan Turing (The Imitation Game).
He has this great ability to inhabit any role with no problem, he is always able to make us love them.

Summing up, Cumberbitches love him because he represents the perfect man ever.
He is funny, gorgeous (but of a particular and strange beauty), talented and modest.
Are you proud to be a Cumberbitch or maybe, are you thinking of becoming one of them?


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