“5, 4, 3, 2, 1… Happy New Year!”
I can still perfectly remember the evenings I lived waiting for the New Year when I was a little girl.
There was a strange atmosphere, as if people around me were really waiting for something, or someone.
It was like as if New Year was a person – and not a yearly event – who would come at midnight, bringing with him/her a new fresh air of positive thoughts.
When I was seventeen I finally understood that I do not like this event.
I’ve always been believing that all the good thoughts and great expectations we have on December 31st could become truth.
It was just thanks to that strong energy of positivity I felt I had the security to chance my life.
But was it possible only at midnight?
Only THIS day?
After the magic of Christmas – which I sincerely adore! – the New Year is actually a disillusion for me.

I have lived many years in the same way, doing almost the same things; what really changed were my holidays’ destinations or the people I talked with during the year.
Nothing more than pure ordinary life.
2009 was not better than 2014, and 2016 won’t probably be better than my 2015.
I’m not negative.
I’m just trying to explain how stupid – for me – is this event.
Maybe you’ve done something really funny or interesting this year, something that you’ve never done before – good for you! – but it didn’t happen because it was the sensational 2015.
It just happened.
Believe me, no fairy dust’s stuffs.
You are your own maker.
Every year my friends and I have no idea on how to spend our New Year’s Eve.
Where to go and what to do are always irritating questions for this occasion.
Once we rent an apartment in Trentino Alto Adige for a few days, but just a week before New Year’s Eve we discovered that the apartment didn’t exist.
It was a swindle.
The rascal was captured.
But we had to stay at home.

For me, New Year’s Eve is a normal occasion to live happy hours with your friends or your family as usual.
If you really want something happen to you, it’s not enough wishing for it only once.
Try to change what you don’t like every day, as strong as you can.
There’s no magic at New Year’s Eve that makes your dream come true.
It was quite depressing when I realized it.
So, why should you create new great expectations for the new year?
Won’t them be the same as for the year before? – or just quite similar -.


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