Nine out of ten girls all around the world know who Disney Princess are.
They saw all the movies, sang their songs and they have their favourite one.
I am one of those girls who grew up with the happy ending stories of Disney, and I also am still considering as princesses also these female characters who actually are not princess at all – such as Megara from Hercules, or Belle from Beauty and the Beast.
Do you remember if you have ever wished to be a Disney Princess?
I did.
They all are perfect, beautiful, kind and they can sing perfectly.
They have no idea of what does wax mean.
They are indeed so perfect just because they are not real.
But why and how they ruined our lives?

If you grow up watching Disney movies, you believe that also your life can be as perfect as the Disney characters.
The story is always the same; there is a beautiful princess who lives her life waiting for her Prince Charming, and it does not need such a long time before he appears and suddenly falls in love with her.
But, well, reality is quite different!
Firstly, you can’t live your life just waiting for a Prince Charming who will never come (Prince Charming does not exist! Sorry ladies).
You have to be like a good hunter – but not like that one from Disney Snow White – and hunt your prey.
What’s good in being a Disney character is that there is no love rivalry.
Prince Charming meets only one girl in his whole life.
Quite odd isn’t it?
But another strange aspect is that a Disney Princess has no friends.
For example, Ariel talks to fishes under the sea, and Belle talks with speaking objects in a castle somewhere in France…
There are many more examples that I could write, but let’s go on.
Another unreal aspect is that Disney Princess do not smell.
They wear the same clothes their whole life, every day, every season, and it is impossible for us – real human beings – to do that particularly in summer when the weather is very hot.
As I said before, Disney Princess can sing very well and they can do it while they are running, riding a horse, fighting, swimming, jumping, and in many other situations as if it could be really possible.
And when the happy ending comes, no one is uncaring – what I want to say is that all the other characters have nothing to do than just being happy for a girl that they have never met before.
I think that, maybe, these unreal princess had been created to give us the strength to make us believe in our dreams, to keep on believing in a perfect world and that life will always be as we wish, but it hurts when you realise how reality actually is.

Do not stop watching Disney movies, do not stop fighting for your dreams, just stop wishing to live as a Disney Princess who has nothing to do than waiting for a man all her life without realizing anything.
You are a free independent human being who can successfully be happy also without your Prince Charming.


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