“Did you hear that noise?”
“What noise?”
“I think it was the noise of a sledge.”
“Santa Claus is coming!”
On Christmas Eve, my whole family and I went into the kitchen in the evening and we stayed there waiting for Santa Claus.
My grandma and my grandpa were always the only ones who could hear the noise of a sledge that had just parked on the roof.
No one could talk, sometimes someone whispered some questions such as “What time is it?” or “Is he here?”
I was so excited, I couldn’t believe that Santa Claus was putting all our presents under the Christmas tree while we were happily waiting to open them.
This lovely tradition has always existed in my family and it still goes on, even if Santa Claus does not exist.
I was almost eight when I discovered the truth.
I was at school and a boy said to me and my friends that we were so stupid to keep on believing in Santa Claus.
We said that HE was the stupid one, who didn’t believe in him at all, and he replied that Santa Claus didn’t exist and that our parents are those who actually buy and give us the presents at Christmas.
I couldn’t believe him, I didn’t want to believe him, so, when I came back home I asked my parents if what he said was true or not.
At first, they were speechless, but seeing me so calm they explained how things really are.
Of course, I was sad, but I said to them was:
“Ok, the only important thing now is that I will keep on receiving my presents at Christmas, with or without Santa Claus.”
And I went to sleep.

When December comes, I always remember how happy I felt when I still believed in Santa Claus.
I used to write my letters to Santa Claus two weeks before Christmas Day, I wrote them at my grand-parents home because my grand-pa said to me he knew Santa Claus address in North Pole.
I asked him so many times to give me the address but he explained to me that it was grand-pas’ stuffs.
Santa Claus gave his address only to grandpas, they had to send the letters.
I was so sure it was all true.
Santa Claus has always been the reason of my happiness at Christmas.
I used to image him in the North Pole with his lovely wife who helped him to prepare all the necessary things for his long journey around the world.
When I discovered that he does not exist I asked myself how it could be possible to keep on feeling that strange magic in the air when Christmas would have come.
In my childhood Santa Claus was my magic, and then I realized that Christmas holidays have their own magic also without him.
For me, Christmas means: family, presents, happiness…
I can still find my own magic in all of them.
At Christmas you do not go to school, you stay with your family – those people you really love -, you receive presents and you can buy something to give as a present to whoever you want, you eat delicious food – in Italy we feel as if we sit at the table on 24th December and we finally stand up on 6th January -.

Santa Claus is not a lie, Santa Claus is a fantastic Christmas character that children need to believe in – they must have a bit of magic in their lives!- and when you grow up, you understand that the real magic will keep on living in you just if you want it.
My own magic is very simple; love your family and be loved by them.
When Christmas comes, the end of the year is so close and you have the opportunity to think about how you lived your days, and so you can promise to yourself to make an effort to live a more marvelous new year next to all those people you love.


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