I can say for sure that I’m a scrolling addict.

When I turn my phone on, I need to scroll my FB, Twitter and Instagram accounts each day and more than once.

I want to check what my friends are doing, where they are, what’s going on all around the world, what’s the new pair of trousers that my favourite actress bought yesterday…well, actually, I want to check everyone I’m following.

I know, I am a cyber gossiper.

I think there’s nothing wrong in scrolling the accounts of others, particularly if they let you follow them, but there is always something wrong about our on-line life, always.

The problem is that I can be a harmless person, I am just interested in my friends’ lives, but others may unveil the “ugly-side” of the cyber phenomena through scrolling.

I am talking about trolling, that’s not so different from being a troll.

Trolls are make belief creatures that belong in our childhood books, but nowadays, when almost each of us has an on-line life, this word has taken on new meaning and best describes a person who leaves racist or vulgar comments on blogs, accounts, posts…

It’s really sad, but they do exist.

A troll, for example, after scrolling blog pages or your FB account, comments on your posts just to insult you, deliberately.

Before the birth of the most famous social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram…trolls already existed.

Just think about YouTube, how many times have you seen these kind of comments posted below some videos?

The kinds of people who fall victim to this, are always the same; black, fat, spotty, off-key boys and girls (there are many others, I know!)

Trolling is a phenomenon that has swept across websites in recent years, and it is, for sure, certainly a new kind of cyber-bullying.

The reason why trolling can exist is because of that well known freedom of speech that everyone has on-line.

For example, if a friend of mine posts a picture of her, maybe just to share her new bathing suit, and let’s just suppose that she’s really overweight, I can smoothly post my own comment below her pic, and I could write:

“You have enough fat to make another human.”

“When was the last time you could see your whole body in the mirror?”

And there are many, many others worse than that!

Can we define it as bullying?

Yes, we can.

The on-line freedom of speech allows me to do that, to my friends and to someone else who I have never known.

When the troll posts his/her comment it’s too late.

You can block a troll, you do not have to respond to the troll – never! It will be a pleasure for him/her to see how they offend and upset you deeply in your heart – but you can do something before this happens, you can help yourself.

There is only one easy solution to avoid trolls from attacking your account:

-change your privacy settings.

It is not hard at all, believe me.

I know that now my words could sound to you as if they are coming from your mother’s, but it’s too obvious!

Facebook: Your real friends only (those from school or your volleyball team…) can see what you post, and they are the only one who can be your friends in real life as well as on-line.

You may have more problems with Twitter, because everyone can choose to follow you.

But also on Twitter you can change your privacy settings, and also on Instagram.

So, although it sounds exciting to be able to shear everything (I mean EVERYTHING!) on line, please be careful.

Freedom of speech, but also freedom of choice.

Make your own choices, select your friends and then, you can be safe from cyber bullying.

And just ask yourself if those trolls are really better than you; after all can “trolling” change your life for better?

I don’t think so.

I am sure they are more insecure than us.


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