As a happy single girl I can’t understand why other people do everything to get set up by any online dating to find someone with whom they can really connect, and those who settle just because being single is a uncomfortable status.

I am not that kind of single who decided to be like this.

But I have discovered more pros than cons of this status, and I am so proud to say that it is not bad at all.

Don’t think that I am heartless, I have feelings and I am able to share them.

The truth is that recently I understood I am a bit selfish.

I have always had lot of interests in my life – acting, writing, music, sport… – I always try to have something to do, particularly in winter days when it is not possible to go to the beach with friends.

I don’t want to give up to any of my habits.

And keep on being myself helped me to understand that being single is a quality.

Yes, you have read well, a quality.

I can say for sure that the single status does not suit everyone.

A great friend of mine belongs to the massive group of those people who can’t live without a partner.

They really do everything to date successfully with someone, no matter who she or he is.

From my personal experience – that of a girl who has been chucked by a friend just because she turned her status from single into engaged – I have noticed that people who have a boyfriend or a girlfriend are less likely to spend their time with friends.

If you don’t believe me, try to text to any of your engaged friends (it would be better if you try with a female one) and ask her or him to spend her/his Saturday night with you.

In 95% of the cases the answer is NO.

But what is the most important and positive aspect of being single?

Your single status allows you to invest in yourself and in your interests.

As I said before, I like to have lot of things to do and one day, while I was coming back home from the gym, I realized that the possible presence of a boyfriend next to me would have ruined all my plans.

I am not saying that boyfriends and girlfriends are misfortunes, but for me and all those people who really want to reach their goals not-being single could be a problem.

If you truly love your partner, you want to share your time with him/her but sometimes you have also to put up your wishes to spend another Saturday evening with that one.

In the majority of the cases, girlfriends feel as if they have a kind of duty towards their boyfriends and they live as if there is no time enough in their lives to share with those old friends they don’t see from such a long time.

I am not saying that being engaged sucks, I am just opening the eyes to those single people who still think they suck.

The only important thing in life is being happy – despite being single or not -.

You have to be proud of yourself, and remember that things can change; a new love story can begin while another one comes to an end.


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