We should always have a camera with us to capture the exactly moment when something really funny happens.

A man who falls while he is skiing, a child riding his bike who bangs against a brick wall, a drunk woman who dances…

There are so many incredible situations that we lived but we did not film.

Luckily for us, there is someone on this planet that sometimes has the chance to film these epic moments.

For this reason, a revolutionary app was created, Vine, where people all around the world can upload and share the sensational videos they made.

Vine is also the name given to the brief video that people upload on the app of the same name.

One of my favourite Viner is Big Cat Derek who daily uploads many vines of his life with lions, tigers, panthers…what a marvellous life!

Both famous and ordinary people share everyday all kind of videos they like.

For example, the Ice Bucket Challenge vines blocked up Vine and all the other social networks.

There is also a page on Facebook in which all the funniest vines ever seen are collected.

So, Vine is become an obsession for all the people who want to upload a fantastic brief video of the most side-splitting five seconds of their lives.

But there is a particular category of vines that I can’t understand.

No, I can’t.

There are many vines in which people, particularly girls, film themselves all alone in a room while they are singing.

The problem is not the fact that they upload these vines, the problem is what they write below the videos as description.

The phrase is quite always the same, more or less: Me singing at random, ahaha.

If you have ever seen one of these vines, you should have noticed how prepared they are.

First, you are all alone in a room and I can clearly see your arm holding your phone.

Second, you perfectly know that the camera is turned on and your aim of the day was that of uploading this video.

As I said before, the majority of people who make these vines are girls.

They are well dressed, with their make-up on…

So, how can I think that this vine was at random?

You want to make me believe that your vine uploaded itself ?

As if you did not know anything about that?

Oh, please!

I do not want to judge them if they are or not able to sing, because most of them are actually really good.

I just can’t understand why they write that kind of comments.

The written laugh before or after the comment has no sense at all.

If you are a good singer and you feel the need to share your ability with all the other viners, just do it.

Make a video of yourself and upload it.

Then, it will be the others’ choice to like or not your vine.

Another kind of comments below vines is like this: OMG, how much off-key I am! – When actually they are not.

So, if you have any kind of ability – not just singing – and you want to show us what you are able to do, do it.

Do not write any useless comment below your vine, as if it could show how modest you are.

Oh, please.

We can use Vine as a shop window in which everyone can show his/her ability, or particular moments of his/her life.

As any kind of social network, the user must understand when something is too much, when it is not necessary.

From useless selfies to vines of fake humility, stop being who you are not.



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