Internet plays a very huge part in our lives.

I started to use Facebook to keep in touch with those people who live far away or just to talk with my old friends from school.

But what about love?

Lots of people use Facebook to run their love lives as well.

In Italy and in the UK, such as in other many other countries, Facebook can help us to meet our kindred spirit, but is it safe?

If you want to keep in touch with your friends, you have to sing in with your real name and, preferably, your real face.

But when you want to meet someone else, someone new, that could become your boyfriend or girlfriend, you fell as if being yourself is not enough.


That’s the reason why you need to find the most beautiful pic ever seen of your last holidays, you need to write only captivating posts, as if your life is the most interesting one…ever.

But there are two kind of people on Internet: you, who just want to show your best qualities posting your best pics (but you keep on being yourself at least), and then there is the catfish.

A catfish is someone who pretends to be someone else creating false identities on Facebook or other web sites.

If you have never heard this word, you can watch the TV show on MTV of the same name just to understand what I am talking about.

People who are not proud of being themselves, maybe because of their appearance, prefer to hide the truth behind someone else’s pic, in other words…a lie.

A catfish can lie also about his/her personal information: name, country, age, sex…

What’s the aim of this lie?

I mean, you create a false account and start chatting with someone that you find really cute and handsome.

Then he or she asks you to make a video chat…what will you do?

You can tell the truth, but what about your pride, because you know that telling the truth after all the lies you have said means – in this case here – say goodbye to your new friend.

So, lets suppose that you decide to keep on lying, how long will you be able to tell different excuses?

You’ve got problems with your webcam, you are not at home…

You can go on and on but, sooner or later, your new friend’s annoyed with you.

Goodbye new friend.

So, my sincere advice is that you shouldn’t lie, never.

What happens when you are chatting with a catfish is that you appreciate his/her personality – and yes, also his/her cute face, but what you want the most is someone who’s able to love you as you really are, just being yourself.

It is hard, I know, but after keep on telling a lie you can’t get better your situation.

I have always been a little bit worried about using Facebook or other web sites to meet my kindred spirit.

I always think about how many catfish are on line.

How discouraging is when you discover that you have spent days, months, YEARS! of your life chatting with someone that actually does not exist!

That’s why lots of people decide to write off with their new friends because of all those lies.

How can you trust someone who has been lying to you all the time?


I personally will keep on thinking that the only safe way to meet your kindred spirit – who maybe does not exist! – is that of talking with real people in real situation, far far away from the on line world in which we are all trapped.

Maybe someone will fall in love because of your smooth voice or your bright eyes.


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