This month I’m entirely inspired by the Olympic Games.
Today I find myself here talking about the recent super followed international event.
I’m not fond of the O.G, and to be honest, I know no more than two or three people really interested in it, who can’t stop watching the TV during those weeks.
What actually inspired this post is not the O.G event in general, just to write my personal opinions on it, but the influence the various disciplines have in people’s minds, or as I should say, in some of them.
The first thing I have to make clear is that I’m not a sport obsessed person at all.
I do like practicing sports but I don’t spend the majority of my time in a gym.
I practiced different sports since I was very young, for example, volleyball, athletic, and now I go to the gym twice a week.
Despite having practiced different sports, I don’t like to watch it on TV, except for football – of course these two aspects are not necessarily connected.
But during the weeks of the O.G I did find myself sometimes staring at the TV in a hypnotic way, mainly when hunk boys were performing, mainly swimmers.
And this situation made me realise that these perfect Olympic bodies may cause a change in our mind.
What kind of change?
The “change” I’m talking about is strictly related to those people who – like me sometimes – do really appreciate the warm and comfy sofa.
Why should I get out of my house, while it’s raining, or it’s foggy and cold outside, just to run in a gym when I can stay here, with my beloved comfy sofa, a cup of tea and a great movie?
Why should I?
And we keep on thinking in this way for almost the entire winter.
But when summer comes, with tops and shorts, and holidays at the beach, we desperately want to put the comfy sofa’s damages right.
We start going to the gym, running in the park, making exercise at home etc., trying to delete that gelatinous body we have.
And when something like the O.G comes, an event where perfect male and female bodies are everyday at every hour shown to us, we may feel a bit awful.
Why on heart is my body soooo far away from theirs?
Well, hours and hours in a gym make their results for sure.
So, it is obviously clear that an athlete spends most of his/her time in a gym and training him/herself, and that’s why some of them do obtain massive results at the O.G.
But since my personal aim in life is not the one to obtain a golden medal, I do practice a bit of sport just because it’s healthy.
Yes, healthy.
Because I do love too laying on the sofa, reading a book with a warm cup of tea.
I damn love it.
But sometimes we should think also about at those boring and hard things we have to do to cure ourselves, and our health.
Don’t procrastinate your sporty time, and try to enjoy!



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