Book Review

#8 Book Review



by L.Frank Baum

“There is no place like home.”

Genre: Fantasy, children’s novel

This month, and precisely this week, boys and girls in Italy came back to school. Inspired by these firsts school days, I decided to review a book I read in my childhood.

One thing I can say for sure about all the books I read when I was a child is that re-reading them is worth doing.
I do recommend this because we may have a vague memory of the stories we read years ago.
We may remember certain things and forget others.
Re-reading The Wizard of Oz brought back to my memory some chapters I couldn’t remember at all, for example, how Dorothy met the Cowardly Lion.
What I love the most about children books is the surprising power they have to keep on amazing us and enchanting us also when we consider ourselves too old for them.
Is this really surprising?
No, I don’t think so.
This time again I wondered what I would do if I were Dorothy, how would I behave?
Of course now, in my twenties, I unfortunately rationalise certain situations, feelings or actions and it makes me behave as an adult, perfectly in compliance with our society.
And because of this rational side, I want to keep myself busy with the books of my childhood, such as fary-tales, because I don’t want to lose my inner child.
I don’t want to lose my adult-less character.
I’d like to find myself lost in the wonderful world of Oz with the Cowardly Lion, Scarecrow and Tin Woodman, and win against the Wicked Witches of the East and of the West.
It is a bit nostalgic this review, isn’t it?
Well maybe it is because when I finished my reading I felt quite disappointed.
Not for the story, but for the fact that I find myself now absorbed into the adults’ world, where I have to take important decisions, where I have to behave in a certain way…
And I can’t always stand it.
Where can I find a good distraction?
In books, of course.
While reading about Dorothy and her friends, I came back to being a child.
I had nothing else to do but read.
Read and dream about a fantastic, wonderful, marvellous, enchanted green realm where people are all green – thanks to a special pair of sunglasses-, and where there are apparently no problems.
But what actually brought me back to reality?
Well, it happened before I finished the book.
It was not the real world itself, but the strong desire of Dorothy to come back to Kansas.
Despite of the adventures lived with her friends, she desperately wanted to go away from there.
She missed so much Aunt Em and Uncle Henry.
Despite my wish to go on an adventure in the world of Oz, this is a good message to give.
Each of us must, one day, live his/her own adventures, somewhere, but we must also remember our family and/or friends.
All these people who played and still play an important role in our lives can’t be forgotten.
So sometimes we should, feel the need to see them again and stay with them.



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