Autumn Pros


Today is the first day of autumn, yeah!
Though I prefer summer and spring, because I love going to the beach, swimming and eating ice-creams, there is always a magical atmosphere in autumn that really enchants me every time.
So I want to start this autumn on its very first day making a list of only its five pros.
Five pros may not be enough for some of you, but for me, they are enough to say that autumn too is a magical and beautiful season.



They have a marvellous variety of colours that fascinate me sooo much: red, yellow, orange, a bit of green…
I don’t know if you have ever tried, but walking on the grass, when is covered by lot of autumnal colourful leaves, makes a particular noise – especially when the leaves have dried – that relaxes me.
In addition, when I was a child I used to collect a pair of leaves and put them between the pages of my school diary, and keep them there until the last day of school.



What is better than a cup of warm tea, or coffee, or chocolate while lying on the sofa reading a book?
In summer I can’t drink any warm drink because it’s too hot to do it, and so instead of a cup of warm tea I prefer the delicious Italian ice-cream.
But when autumn comes, and the weather is colder, well, it’s the right time to prepare tea, or whatever you prefer, for those rainy, foggy, cold evenings.
Warm drinks, like the sound of dried leaves, relax me in busy days.


Pumpkins, witches, bats, spider webs, ghosts, black cats, burning candles at night…
I think that Halloween, as a word, is enough to say why I like autumn, isn’t it?



I do love them.
I’d like to have a whole wardrobe only for sweaters.
A wardrobe full of red, blue, white, grey, yellow and any other coloured ones.
Or also with reindeers, or any kind of animal, or with arrows or whatever you like the most.
They are so soft to touch, they protect us against cold and rain.
I adore sweaters!



Apples or/and apple-cakes, biscuits, but most of all CHESTNUTS!
I actually like autumn mainly for them.
I love smelling them while they’re cooking into the oven, or buy them on the street just they’re cooked.
For me, they do represent this season.

So, here there are my top five autumnal pros.
What are yours?
If you can’t choose only five pros, then write all of yours.

Welcome autumn!

(photos from Pinterest)


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