Book Review

#9 Book Review




by Dan Brown

“Nothing is more creative… nor destructive… than a brilliant mind with a purpose.”

Genre: Thriller, mystery, conspiracy fiction

Robert Langdon wakes up in Florence, without knowing what happened to him.

Dante’s Inferno and, as usual, a few pieces of art in Florence and somewhere in the world will be the only proofs he has to save the world once again.

What can I say?

Wow! Wow! Wow!
I did appreciate Dan Brown’s previous novels of the Robert Langdon’s series, and also this time he amazed me.
Firstly, the story is set mainly in Florence, which I adore, and also in Venice and Istanbul.
It was so stimulating for me to read this book because I could remember while reading the places mentioned throughout the story.
It was like being there with Robert Langdon, as if I was personally living the events.
Second point, a few years ago I read the whole Dante’s Inferno, and though now I can’t remember it in its numerous details, such as all the symbols mentioned, Dan Brown has this incredible ability to explain everything in such a natural and easy way that everyone can follow the characters throughout the novel despite never having read Dante.
Another relevant feature, my point three, is the passion the author shows – as he did previously too – while describing or talking about a monument, or any piece of art or work of literature.
I think that since the first book of the Robert Langdon’s series was published – The Da Vinci’s Code – he helped or stimulated his readers to start being interested in Art and History.
The dusty boring books of history or of those numerous paintings of the past are brought back to life under a new light.
A museum, firstly the Louvre in Paris and now, with Inferno, Uffizi in Florence, are portrayed like buildings full of interesting mysteries and stories to discover.
Further more, Dan Brown mixes art, history, and science in such a perfect way that also readers like me, not too much interested in scientific subjects, are hypnotised by his words.
Inferno is a marvellous homage to three wonderful cities that have so many things offer to the whole humanity, but it is also a sophisticated homage to Dante, who once again is rightly remembered for his genius.
Dan Brown’s novels do always leave something to us.
Once the reading is finished, we remain in a particular mood of contemplation.
He warns us about our behaviour, as humans, towards our planet, and at the same time he teaches us that only if we understand that we must have care of our own culture and its products, only loving more what we have, we will save this planet and, as egoistical consequences, ourselves.
Culture is not for weak people.
The character of Robert Langdon is a revenge for all the lovers of culture and its supporters.
Who would like to investigate on a mystery like Robert Langdon does?

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