Last month I wanted to buy a new pair of trousers, and I went with a friend of mine to search a pretty one.

I couldn’t image how terrible this experience would have been.

I felt as if I was the female version of Indiana Jones searching for an extinguished creature called size 10.

Yep, size 10.

I know that unfortunately we do not live in the ages when Marilyn Monroe was considered as one of the most beautiful woman ever.

Now, facing the reality, it is like as if we must look like the anorexic models we see on TV, magazines, newspapers, on the Internet…

These are what I like to call the “bone-ages”.

The slimmer you are, the most beautiful you’ll be.

And it is not enough the increasing number of plump models as a protest against the bone-ages’ idea of beauty, I couldn’t find my trousers.


The idea of beauty radically change our life and the way in which we look at ourselves.

Why should I feel uncomfortable with my own body?

Although we do not want to confess it, we can be influenced very easily.

Normal people in everyday life have the occasion to look at a photo of a perfect model – man or woman – that makes us think how many defects we have.

We stand in front of a mirror and we select all the things we would like to delete from our body  to make it more perfect: hips, lips, thighs, belly…

The “beauty rules” of our society produce a huge number of anorexics.

Despite the increasing number of boys/men who want to look like Jack Skellington, girls and women are always the favourite victims of the endless idea of perfection.

For this reason, a group of women participated to an experiment thought up by Dove – the US brand -; it is called Real beauty sketches.

The aim of this experiment is that to show how wrong is the idea we have of ourselves.

The FBI Trained Forensic Artist, Gil Zamora, had to draw the description that each woman gave of herself without looking at them.

He had to draw the portraits behind a white cloth inside a room.

Each woman had to describe herself and also the woman who get into the room before her.

In the end, Gil Zamora showed to each woman two portraits.

The first portrait was that of her description.

The second one was that of the description given by one of the other women.

The essential aspects of this experiment were that Gil Zamora couldn’t see the women and also, the women did not know each other.

There was a big difference between the two portrait of every woman.

Each woman, when had to descried herself, underlined all the things she considered imperfect in her body.

They gave a grotesque version of themselves.

The first portrait was always worse than reality.

The second one – described by one of the other women – was more realistic.

Although none of them was a model, the second portrait showed how they really looked like, without the exaggerated defects of the first one.


I hope that this experiment (you can find it on YouTube) will help everyone to understand how sick is the idea of beauty that nowadays society wants to show to us.

We can try to be completely satisfied of ourselves just if we really want it.

Honestly, I can’t define as “fat” or “not skinny enough” a woman such as Beyonce.

You are more beautiful than what you think is not only the banner of this Dove’s experiment, it is an universally truth.

Sometimes we just need a little help to understand it.


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