Now that December has come, I do really realise that Christmas holidays are pretty close, and I am definitely super late because I still have to buy almost all Christmas presents.

But while walking down the streets, desperately looking for nice – and at the same time unusual – presents, I wondered what are the most required and desired books at Christmas.

I am not just talking about books that we may buy as Christmas presents, but also books that taste or smell Christmas, books that are perfect to be read during winter and Christmas holidays.

I made a pretty research on the Internet, and I found out lot of titles, but just some of them were quite always mentioned on forums, blogs, websites etc.

So, if you – like me – would like to buy a book for a friend or anyone else as a perfect Christmas present, here you can find a list of the most desired and/or suggested books for Christmas.

Here they are:


1.Dickens at Christmas  by Charles Dickens

2.A Christmas Carol  by Charles Dickens

3.Round the Christmas Fire  by Aa.Vv.

4.The Life and Adventures of Santa  by L.Frank Baum

5.Star Over Bethlhem  by Agatha Christie

6.Christmas at Cold Comfort Farm  by Stella Gibbons

7.The Essex Serpent  by Sarah Perry

8.Christmas Days  by Janette Winterson

9.Midwinter  by Fiona Melrose

10.Silent Night  by Martin Edwards

11.A Child of Books  by Oliver Jeffers & Sam Winston

12.Silhouette Theatre – Sleeping Beauty  by Simon & Schuster UK

13.Classic Nursery Rhymes  by Chris Riddell

14.The Great Fire of London  by Emma Adams & James Weston Lewis

15.The Royal Rabbits of London  by Santa Montefiore & Simon Sebag

16.A Child’s Christmas in Wales  by Dylan Thomas

17.The Christmas Truce  by Carol Ann Duffy & David Roberts

18.Wenceslas  by Carol Ann Duffy

19.The King of Christmas  by Carol Ann Duffy & Lara Hawthorne

20.Tidings  by Ruth Padel


If you wanna find out more infos about these books and their authors visit my Pinterest and Goodreads pages.

Which Christmas books do you love the most?



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