Book Review

#11 Book Review


by Stephenie Meyer

– “And so the lion fell in love with the lamb.”-

Genre: YA fiction, romance, fantasy

Isabella Swan, known as Bella, moves from Phoenix to Forks, the little, grey, rainy, and cold city where her father Charlie lives.
She is pretty sure that her new life in Forks will be as boring as the city is, but she doesn’t know that everything will drastically change since the first time she sees Edward Cullen and his family.

The first time I read Twilight I was 14.
I heard a friend of mine at school talking about a revealing and sensational vampires story, and though I had never been interested in vampires or zombies stories, I decided to give to this book a chance.
It was love at the very first chapter.
The only thing that left me disappointed was my life, in the real world, with no vampires.
I fell in love with Edward Cullen, as many other readers of the saga, and I dreamed a new life for me with the Cullen family in Forks.
I was 14, I had just started my first year at high school, and I had my mind full of dreams and hopes for the next five years.
This November I decided to read (3rd time) the whole saga again.
I couldn’t remember just a few dialogues of the first book, but except for them, I was able to remember each single line.
While reading, my feelings were almost the same I felt the first time, it was just as if I still were a teenager.
My antipathy for Bella has never changed; I can’t say that I hate her, but I don’t love her as much as all the other characters, not as Alice Cullen, for example.
I’m pretty sure that I’m jealous, yeah, because she lives a marvellous not boring life with Edward and all the pros and cons of being part of a vampires’ family.
Yes, maybe I do envy her, because realty his bloodily boring and far far away from her life in Forks.
This time, as all the others, I ended the book so fast, and with a sense of emptiness as if there could be a lot of more to say about all the characters in the first book.
The idea, or certainty, of having 3 other more books left was not enough.
I wanted to go to Forks, meet Edward and live each single chapter, personally.
I’m so grateful to Stephenie Meyer for having created this story, giving to me, and all her readers, an opportunity more to dream in our teens.
But I also do “accuse” her of having made me hope to meet my Edward outside, in the real world,.
There are not so many books that actually made me fall in love with their stories, and I don’t care about what other people may say on the saga, because I am proud to be a Twilight fan, still in why 20s I do defend it.
I felt I was in Forks, I was Bella, and the awakening was really painful.
What I felt with book n.2 of the saga was different, but I will talk about it in another review.


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