❄ Winter Challenge ❄


2 days and then…winter!

Thanks to Margaux Liseuse and her wonderful YouTube Channel I decided to create my own winter challenge.

This is actually my first challenge ever, and I wanted to plan it as perfectly as I could.

The theme is winter (sure!) and the aim is to read as much books as possible about one of the points of the list I am going to show you.
How does it work?
Super easy; it starts on 22nd December (First Winter Day) 2016 and it ends on 20th March 2017, and during these 3 months you only have to read, read, read, read, and read.
You must choose at least 3 points form the list below – or all of them if you want – and read all the books you can.
Since it is my first challenge, I don’t want to give you any limit about the quantity of books you must read.
While reading, you must comment on this blog, or on my Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Goodreads or Instagram account with #WinterChallenge16 saying which books are you reading and which points of the list you chose.
Are you ready?

❄️ Winter Challenge 2016 ❄️ Books List:

❄️Books with blue, light-blue or white covers.
❄️Gothic stories.
❄️Winter Books (the story must take place in winter).
❄️Charles Dickens’ books
❄️Snow or Ice Books (with snow or ice on the cover, or with one or both of these elements in the story).
❄️Fairytales (or books inspired by them).
❄️Mystery/ Crime Books


My accounts are:
❄️Snapchat: aigroiGS

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