Book Review

#12 Book Review


Mystery & Mayhem

by a.A.v.V.

12 short crime stories written by 12 different authors. Can you solve the case before the end of the story?

Genre: crime, mystery


Here I am with the first review for my Winter Challenge, and it belongs to the first point of my Challenge.


This book was a big surprise for me because I have never heard about it before. I was wondering in a bookshop and I saw it on a shelve, with its beautiful cover and I decided to give him a chance. I like crime stories, though I am not a good detective at all, and I have always read Agatha Christie’s books, so, I wanted to see if these stories were better then Poirot’s or Miss Marple’s ones. Though I can’t say they are better than Agatha Christie’s ones, they are really fascinating also because they are set in different periods, for example, there is a really good story set in the Victorian Era in London. There were just a few stories, two or three, that were a bit boring, but except for them, I enjoyed this book. There are also a few little illustrations, so pretty! An aspect I appreciated so much is that there are a lot of female character, and the majority of them are the protagonists of the stories, and they are very young, like, for example, a girl who stays in a sort of castle in the English countryside, this story is one of my favourites. Each story is perfectly described, and each time I felt as if I was starting a new book, or as if I experienced the facts narrated personally. I can’t say too much actually, because I think that each reader should discover each story by him/herself, as I did. I am satisfied and happy for having bought this book, it simply inspired me, it simply looked like as if it was worth reading, and I do recommend it to all of you because it is perfect for those who love crime stories and also for those who have never read one of them, it is a good book to start with. I choose this book as one of those to read for my Winter Challenge, it belongs to the point of books with blue, light-blue or white covers. For me, crime stories are perfectly to be read during winter, because the sense of mystery and fear they evoke are similar to the cold sensation this season gives to us. I am so curious now about the other books written by the 12 writers I knew while reading their stories, and I want to find out new titles to read.

I give to this book 4 snowflakes out of 5 (4 stars out of 5 on my Goodreads account).


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