Book Review

#13 Book Review


Book of Ghost Stories

by Roald Dahl

“Spookiness is the real purpose of the ghost story. It should give you the creeps and disturb your thoughts . . .”

Genre: Supernatural fiction

This is the third book I chose for my Winter Challenge, but I read it so quickly that I soon found myself ready to write its review.
It belongs to point 2 of my challenge, Gothic stories, because, well, ghosts are pretty gothic, aren’t they?
Unfortunately the vote (in snowflakes here but in stars on my Goodreads account) is 2 out of 5.
Two, and not one as I thought after the first ten pages, because it was quite boring for me, but the reason why I changed my mind from one snowflake/star to two is because I admire Roald Dahl and because, as I am going to say in the review, two or three of these stories were quite pretty.


As I read the name of the author I said to myself I had to read this book.
I have always loved Roald Dahl’s works, but this collection of ghost stories was not written by him.
No, he simply collected something like 20 stories he read while working on a TV program about ghost stories.
The TV program wasn’t a success at all, and since he read more than 300 stories for it he decided to select the only ones he considered well written or really scary.
I read this book with the idea of being scared – or just a bit – by its stories, but it didn’t happen.
The majority of them were really boring, more than once I thought I’d stop reading, and I forced myself to finish this book.
Once finished, I can say that there were only a few stories – no more than two or three – that were interesting, only interesting.
Not scary, no, none of them was scary.
They were interesting thanks to the plot, or the setting, or the two things together, but they weren’t ghostly enough for me.
I am sad to write a negative book review, but these things happen mainly when you read more than 30 or 40 books per year.
Anyway, despite this “bad” experience I will keep on reading Roald Dahl’s books and also other ghost stories, or Gothic stories.
As always, I recommend this book because maybe someone else may find it marvelous.
Who knows.

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