Story Tellers


I have always been strongly sure that anyone has a good story to tell, but in these recent years, technology has not just agreed with me, it has also exaggerated a little bit.
At first there was Snapchat, created by Evan Spiegel, Bobby Murphy, and Reggie Brown, former students at Stanford University, and everyone had to share with his/her friends some snaps of everyday life.
Then, these quick photos immediately became something anyone wanted to do, and we felt in a way the pressure to demonstrate, once again, how interesting our lives may appear.
The need to show, more than share, is the topic and basic characteristic of any social media, and for sure of Snapchat too.
But this particular element, the story, as a virtual photo diary, is now part of almost all the existing social media.
Mark Zuckerberg has now added to Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp the story button, and my question is, was it strictly necessary?
I mean, have we to show a different shot of our life according to the social media we are using, or the same shot must be uploaded on each single account we have?
Imagine this; you are out with your friends, you order a beer, you want to post a photo of your massive glass and show it to all your followers, which social is the best one?
It would be a bit strange, if not awkward, to see the same pic of a friend of yours in four different socials, wouldn’t it?!
It may seem as if this person had nothing to do than posting all the time, forgetting that s/he was supposed to spend the night laughing and chatting with his/her friends.
I do personally use social medias, and I do show some moments of my normal existence with my friends, but now I feel I am surrounded by too many socials.
Unfortunately, my opinion is that in the next years there will be new more socials to log in, and the need to share will grew up more and more.
The strong contradiction is that we want (or have to, according to the nowadays society) share our life with the others, but at the same time we do keep on talking about privacy.
Those who post regularly an amount of photos are also the same people who do still want to keep secret their private affairs, but we are now in a situation where the private is almost something subjective, what’s private for me isn’t for you.
If, for example, someone posts a picture of him/her naked and partially covered with a sheet, what may be the idea of private and privacy for him/her?
Maybe the existence of these social medias creates in us the fake necessity to have something to say, or demonstrate, and so we find ourselves in a situation where we have to exaggerate.
But up to how much?


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