Book Review

#21 Book Review

  Tan Veloz Como El Deseo

                                                                     by Laura Esquivel

  “Amar es un verbo. Uno demuestra su amor per medio de acciones”

Genre: fiction


I now find myself totally absorbed writing five book reviews, more or less.

This one is a little bit late because I needed time to plan it, or well, to organise my opinions in a comprehensible way.

Anyway, I must admit that I bought this book because I noticed its coloured cover, and also because it was almost since last summer that I hadn’t the chance to read something in Spanish, my fault.

So, I founded this short and interesting book written by a quite known female author, Laura Esquivel, whose books were unknown to me so far.

It was a sort of sign, I needed something Spanish (linguistically speaking) and I felt I had to read something written by this author, so I bought it.

The story is interesting, and I can say I appreciated it, though I personally think that it could be told in a better way.

The idea is original and simple, but during the narration there are just a few relevant, or at least captivating, events, all the rest is motionless.

The thoughts of the protagonist are detailed and abundant, but the actions, the succession of events are not so many, and sometimes I thought that I would have skipped some pages.

I didn’t do it, but when I finished it I felt as if I was free again, because I forced myself to finish this book.

Maybe it is not my genre, but I would recommend it only to those who want to practice their reading skills in Spanish, underlying that it may be possible that they won’t like it.

Though I consider this book a bit boring, it doesn’t mean that I will never read anything else written by Laura Esquivel, nope.

On the contrary, I am now curious to discover if there is another book by her that I will like or if, it may be possible, I won’t like her books at all.



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