Post it Now

Generally speaking, the most enthusiastic aspect of our journeys nowadays seems to be only the posting one.
What I mean is that we can’t stop ourselves by taking photos of the places we visit just to post them on social medias, always generally speaking, and sometimes we do miss the real essences of our journey, the journey itself.

I have always loved travelling, and if I’d be a millionaire I would spend my money travelling all my life.

When I am abroad I do take photos and I do post them on socials, but not immediately.

If I see a beautiful landscape, or an outstanding monument or whatsoever, I do want to take a picture to keep a memory of that place with me when I come back home, for example, last summer I went to Vienna and Bratislava and I photographed almost everything, there were something like 200 photos in my phone at the end of the journey – 200 only in the phone, I haven’t mentioned those of the camera! –

But each time, once a photo was taken, I didn’t post it, I waited till I was back at my apartment to post a few of them.

The obsession we have with beauty, or in more general terms with the “must look perfect” idea we have, has contaminated also the aspect of our accounts.

It is not enough to be constantly worried by the idea of our aspect, the obsessive worry to look perfect with our make up, our hair etc., but we also must have a nice looking account, mainly on Instagram.

Easy example, you can’t simply take a picture of a landscape, nope, you must take a outdistancing picture of that landscape, and it seems as if it is more relevant how you take the picture than its subject.

As I have previously said in other posts, whatever pic we post on any social media it must necessarily underline how marvellous our life is, though the picture is just about someone going to the super market.

Food, gym, homeworks etc. are just a few examples of the massive quantity of photos we daily take to make our life seem better than what it actually is.

And this obsession, the one of taking good pics, doesn’t allow us, in a way, to enjoy the experience of a journey.

For me, travelling means therapy, not because you should travel only if you’re depressed, for example, but because when you are somewhere else, in your country or abroad, you do put a physical and mental distance between you and your ordinary routine.

Problems at work, problems with a friend of yours and all the other heavy problems of your existence are left there, at home, in that exact place that you have just left for a few days.

So, why should I frustrate myself with the obsession of taking good pics when I desperately aimed the journey resting from my problems and frustrations?

Enjoy your holidays as much as you can and please, do not feel obliged to lie once more on your accounts


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