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#23 Book Review

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La Passe – Miroir

Les Fiancés de l’Hiver

by Christelle Dabos

“Quand je vous ai dit que vous aviez une prédisposition surnaturelle aux catastrophes, ce n’était pas une invitation à me donner raison.”

Genre: Fantasy

I luckily discovered this book and I immediately put it on my Wish List, and after a few months, I bought it and devoured it, literally.

Before buying it, I decided not to make any research about the story or the author, it was only for pure instinct that I decided to read this books, and I wanted to discover if I had made a good choice.

I was right; I enjoyed the story so much that now I can’t wait to read the second volume of this fantastic saga, but unfortunately  I am surrounded by a massive to read list of books, so I can’t buy another one, not even a single one, because I have too many books left waiting to be read.

Anyway, the story and its characters are described in a simple, easy but captivating way that makes your curiosity grew up after each single page.

There is only one negative aspect I want to underline, not so bad actually, but it is worth mentioning it to any future reader of this saga; the first half of the book is, I suppose this was the intention of the author, set in a way that puts you through the places described and the characters step by step, the reader must have clear in his/her mind who are the main protagonists and where the story is set.

It may appear a bit boring if we make a comparison with the second half of the story; for me, it was not boring but just a bit too late, because there were lot of characters to be known, so the quantity of events is limited, nothing really interesting happens.

In other words, in the second half the story becomes quicker and more interesting; the reader discovers new relationships among different characters, everything is related and each character has a specific and important role.

At the end of the first book of Christelle Dabos’ saga I still don’t have a favourite character, I can say who I don’t like and why, but ‘till now there is no one that I consider better than all the others.

Maybe it is a good thing, I need to go on with the story, reading the second book, to discover who I prefer, and that’s one of the reasons why I want to buy as soon as possible the next one.

For me, it is a book that anyone should read, maybe just for curiosity, and I do recommend it to people who want to keep on practicing their French linguistic skills.


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