Book Review

#25 Book Review


Hard Times

by Charles Dickens

“There is a wisdom of the head, and… there is a wisdom of the heart.”


Genre: Novel

I must admit that this is my first book of Charles Dickens, ever.
There are positive and negative aspects I need to underline, and I want to start with the positive ones which are many.
Firstly, though you like the story or not, Dickens is objectively one of the most talented English writers.
Like Jane Austen, he is a great narrator, he describes feelings, thoughts, actions, landscapes and whatever he wants in such a natural but accurate way, as if the reader may see in front of him/her what s/he is reading.
Secondly, the society of his time is represented under different perspectives, giving us the possibility to see how many differences there were, not only from a single point of view.
Then, the characters are a perfect fictional representation of a variety of human beings we could easily meet in our daily life, even today.
Unfortunately, I was not enchanted by the story; there were a few chapters I considered more interesting than others but the whole book was not so interesting for me as I expected it to be.
There were a few moments when, for me, Dickens thought that the description of the feelings was more important than anything else and, as a consequence, the energy created by the sequence of the events is interrupted.
Anyway, I do recommend it to anyone who wants to discover Dickens or who has never read this book, but has already read other works written by him.
In my opinion, Dickens is a writer than we must know, a sort of “must read” writer.


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