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#30 Book Review

The Right Attitude to Rain

by Alexander McCall Smith

“How many of us are happy to be exactly where we are at any moment?…only the completely happy think that they are in the correct place.” 


Genre: crime fiction

I wrote this review immediately after the end of my reading.

It was still May, precisely the first half of the month, and while preparing myself to pack all my stuffs and go to my home town near the sea, I desperately wanted to finished reading all my McCall Smith’s books I have.

The reason is very simple, from a practical point of view, I had too many books to bring with me, so I tried my best to read a great quantity of them before the X day of my departure.

I decided to leave my review as I wrote it once finished the book, because I simply expressed my opinions, and I didn’t want to re-write it after a month with the possible risk of changing my words and perceive them as incoherent with my opinion.

In other words, I wanted to keep it as I thought it in the exact moment I finished my reading.

It sounds more spontaneous than a checked-version of it.

Once again Mr McCall Smith.

I am loving his books every time more and more, this one in particular is really good.

Like the previous one Friends, Lovers and Chocolate, the crime aspect of the story is different from the first book, in other words, no one dies.

This time there is a sort of crime story, related to the main one about Isabel’s personal affairs, but it is told just in the last chapters of the book.

So, I can’t wait to read the next ones to discover what will happen; but except for it, I really loved this book.

As I previously said in my reviews, I couldn’t actually stand Isabel and her personality, but now she starts showing something new of her character and I found myself agreeing with her, despite disliking her.

In this third book of the series, Isabel personal life is even more analysed and told, and it is good for me because, as I said, I had the chance to know her a little bit more.

Further more, there is also a little change of the setting; Isabel, her cousin from Dallas with her husband and Jamie go for a week to a place near Edinburgh, in the Scottish countryside.

Once finished the book, I realised that I was disappointed to read about the crime event only in the last chapters, and it remained unsolved, that’s why I want to start reading immediately the next one, but I must admit that during the entire reading the author described a great quantity of events that distracted me from the crime aspect of the story.

Yep, lot of things happen, and I felt like as if I lived Isabel’s days next to her.

I probably will finish reading the fourth and fifth book of the series before the end of May, I hope, and I am making some researches to discover where to buy the other books of the series, because it is possible that they haven’t been translated yet into Italian.

Well, I could also start reading another series always written by McCall Smith.

I am so happy to be aware of the existence of this author and his books, really happy.


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