Buying books and not reading them; letting books pile up unread on shelves or floors or nightstands.

If you do recognise yourself in these words, as I do, well, let me tell you that you are affeted by a not so rare illness called Tsundoku.

Personally, I have had no idea so far about the existence of this kind of word, and when I discovered it I felt reassured because I thought there were just a few people that shared with me this strange behaviour, or wharever it should be called.

Anyway, it is not something you should be worried about, it is not a proper illness, maybe it would be better to describe it as a sort of behaviour, or attitude, that lot of people share.

The word Tsundoku is clearly Japanese, and it was invented by combing two existing Japanese words;  tsunde-oku and dokusho, the fisrt word means piling things (books in this case) and letting them there, while the second one means “to read books”.

So, combining these two terms we understand what the final word means.

It is something that I have always done, piling books and letting them for a long time, sometimes also for years.

The point is that I want to read too many books all together, and I do not have enough time and money to do it, so when I find a good chance to buy one or more books at a low price I do it, and I do not think about when I will actually read it/them.

I, as many other people, have my own wish list on Amazon, organised according to the language in which I want to read a book, and when I receive an email informing me that there is a good discount on a book I put on my list, well, I immediately buy it.

Frankly, I prefer to by more books all together with only one order, but sometimes it is not possible, and I can’t wait to buy the low priced one all together, so I order them in separate orders.

So, don’t worry if you have a big unread pile of book at home, it’s just Tsundoku.


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