Book Review

#31 Book Review

Auf der Suche nach Toby

by Sabine Werner

“Ich bin der Körper und du bist der Geist”


Genre: school books


This book review won’t be a proper book review.

I actually won’t talk about the simple story of this book, and I won’t analyse its characters or themes.
It could be considered as a “I made it” book review, a stupid sort of celebration for me.
A few months ago, I decided to start studying auto-didactically German.
Oh poor me.
The simple reason why I did it is because after finishing Uni I was wondering what to do next, and while looking for a job, I decided to try to learn German.
You see, TRY, without having the presumption of being able to understand this new language or even be able to go on with this idea of mine.
It is not easy at all, not only the language, but the organisation behind my studies.
There are a few pros and cons, but to be honest, the cons do not scary me at all.
The pros are different: the amount of free time I have without Uni exams, the freedom to decided when and how study a certain grammatical rule or not, the possibility of using the Internet to improve my skills etc.
The cons are less but relevant: the absence of a teacher or anyone who could help me personally, mainly with the oral aspect of the language, the waste of time I need to find a few adequate exercises for my linguistic level (A1).
After almost two months of nothing more than grammar, and only grammar, I decided to buy an A1 book to try to read something in German.
I made it!
The good aspect of this book is that it has exercises and also a CD, so I can practice in many different ways.
The story is simple, – sure, my level as I said is A1- and the CD helped me to try to understand the text without reading it.
Unfortunately, I still am not so good with the listening, because I try to understand each single word said and I get confused when I can’t understand those words I don’t know.
So, basically this book review here should be considered as a column and not a real book review, but I wanted to define it as a book review because, well, I really read this book.





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