Book Review

#34 Book Review

The Minds of Billy Milligan


by Daniel Keyes


“By shutting out the real world we can live peacefully in ours. We know that a world without pain is a world without feeling… But a world without feeling is a world without pain.”


Genre: Biography

It happened that one Billy Milligan went to sleep and when he woke up he had no idea he had been sleeping for seven years.
What happened during this seven years?
Billy’s other 23 personalities lived their lives or, at least, they did their best to live in the outside world.
At the beginning, no one had any idea of what was going on, no one knew anything about their existence.
The twenty-three personalities were born since Billy’s childhood and it took a long time before they get in touch with one another, and also to be able to control and coordinate themselves.
It was a shock for Billy when he woke up after seven years, he was not where he fell asleep seven years before.
Daniel Keyes describes to us not just the story of a man who was helped by psychiatrists, who had troubles with the law, but he perfectly tell us about the story of Billy as if we could see the events happening in front of us.
Thanks to Billy himself, his personalities and all the doctors and people who witnessed the events narrated, Daniel Keyes was able to reconstruct Billy’s missing life during his seven years long sleep.
In the book we can see how detailed the cons of having more than one personality are described; each personality being it male or female has its own language, culture and background, as if he or she were actually another human being inside the body of only one person.
Billy may look like a human building inhabited by different residents or co – owners.
Billy is a modern real existing Sleeping Beauty, without Prince Charming or any sort of help from magical fairies.
This story will open your mind and your heart, it is incredibly touching and surely well written.
I do recommend it to all of you.



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