Book Review

#35 Book Review

Deseo de Chocolate

by Care Santos

“Tres mujeres, tres siglos y la misma chocolatera de exquisita porcelana blanca.”


Genre: novel

Sara, Aurora and Mariana are the three female protagonist of this novel.
They live in different centuries, they have different social status and lives, but there are two things they have in common: they live in Barcelona and they own a white and blue chocolate pot.
I have never read anything written by Care Santos, because of my ignorance, but when in a book shop I saw this book and read it was a story about chocolate I bought it.
I am really satisfied, I love it.
It is well written, well planned and – believe me! – it seems as if turning the next page you can smell chocolate from the book.
I really appreciated the fact that there are three female protagonists, women power!, and they have three different strong personalities, according also to the century they belong to.
It was a pleasant reading, and I didn’t want to finish it immediately, but at the same time I couldn’t wait to discover what was going to happen next.
I am now curious to read other books written by Care Santos, hopping they will charm me as this one did.
Without spoiling, I can say that further more than the three protagonists, chocolate too is a central character, they protagonists can use it to gain their independence, mainly for those who lived in the past and not in our century.
Chocolate is their instrument towards power, their weapon, their best friend, in other words, it is omnipresent.
There are different male characters but they do not steal the spotlight, they may be useful in certain stories or they may be less useful, and they also may be a distraction to our protagonists.
Anyway, do read it – if you can do it in Spanish!



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