Autumnal Readings


Sometimes it happens to me  that while reading a book I feel as if it would be more suggestive reading it during a specific season.

It is time for Autumn now, and I thought about the writers I relate to this season.

There are actually a few authors whose books always make me think about Autumn, and so I have always read their books – or at least I tried – during this exact season.

Guess who they are?

Keep on reading.



His books, and mainly The Hobbit, do always make me think about Autumn.
Maybe it is thanks to the descriptions of the landscapes of Middle-Earth or due to the evocative characters of Elves and Hobbits running and walking down woods and open spaces in their enchanted countries.
I once decided to re-read Tolkien’s books in Autumn and I did it while I was waiting for a friend of mine in a park, it was pure bliss.
I read it  surrounded by falling leaves and almost bare trees, how lovely.


Bronte Sisters

I don’t know if I am the only one who thinks that Jane Eyre, Wuthering Heights and The Tenant of Wildfell Hall (to name a few titles) smell Autumn.
After Tolkien, the most beloved British sisters are for me another example of writers that should be read during this particular season.
If you want to read one of their novels try to do it in Autumn, and let me know if the surrounding weather and its colours match perfectly with the descriptions of their stories.

The picture for Bronte sister is from To Walk Invisible: The Lives of the Bronte Sisters (BBC).



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