I am still defying myself as an unknown actress and writer.

I started writing when I was very young but without thinking about publishing my works.

I then decided about three years ago to write an entire novel in English.

Jane-Rose the Queen is my first novel that got published- I really should say self-published.

It is very hard to let people read your novel when it is self-published and when one has no marketing experiences to help promote it.

While I was finishing my book, I also decided to write some kind of columns about relevant themes such as : social media, books. (and all those things I wanted to talk about.)

After my  self-publishing experience , I then decided to submit my columns to different on-line magazines.

As I did not receive any answer to my e-mails, I therefore decided to publish them on BuzzFeed.

But as a self-publisher, it is hard to make people read them.

I sincerely hope that my unknown status will change very soon , but until then I keep on working on differentprojects while sharing them both on social networks and on my website.





12189862_1280256982003259_5142979342851167029_n Synopsis:

Princess Jane-Rose is the daughter of king Huron who rules Leeds Castle.
Because of an imminent war, king Huron needs the help of his allies, and among all of them he receives at Leeds Castle king Caesar with his son, prince James.
The life of Jane-Rose will completely change because of prince James and a charming knight.